Prison Diary XLV: New Stage After the Latest Transfer

I know that my thanks will never be enough for the constant displays of support I receive after each of the regime’s injustices toward me.

On 2 August I was transferred to the place where I find myself now. They call it a “facility” because the the number of inmates in small. With my arrival there are twenty-two. The place is in one of the buildings of the Ministry of the Interior.

A prisoner, with regards to my leaving Prison 1580, assured me that they took me out of there so I wouldn’t be present at an inspection to be held on 8 August; he was given to understand it was going to be by the top leadership responsible for jails and prisoners.

On my arrival at this installation, it was explained to me that the telephone line wasn’t for the use of the inmates, just for the officials who run the place; and on asking if I could have visitors, they responded that the prisoners here go out on a pass every twenty-seven days, which will be 23 August, and for that reason they don’t authorize visits.

I don’t know what plans they have for me. In any event, I maintain my position of not eating the food of my captors. I continue writing, expecting perhaps another transfer, and I’m used to this.

Another prisoner also told me that they put him in the place to block his denunciations, but with regards to the prisoners selected, nothing happens here worth denouncing, and I’m grateful because it’s painful to be present at injustices. I’m adapting to this new stage of imprisonment. I observe, I wait, with gloves on and perennially on guard; the important thing is not to trust them.

The dictatorship lies in wait.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats
MININT Facility

9 August 2013


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