Urgent Communication: Angel Santiesteban Transferred to a Military Facility in Complete Isolation

The family of writer and blogger Angel Santiesteban Prats have learned that he was transferred to a military facility, where he will not have the monthly visit he is entitled to, according to what the prison officials have told us, nor will he have the three minutes of weekly telephone calls that he had in Prison 1580.

This is another attempt to make him pay for his position against the Castro government.

Although Angel was unable to communicate, we know his upright position given his ideas.

We trust that the totalitarian state understands and returns the citizen rights stolen from Cubans for more than five decades, from Angel and all the political prisoners whom they hold in captivity for the sole fact of dissenting against the political maneuvering of Fidel and Raul.

We hold Raul Castro Ruz responsible for the integrity of Angel, we demand he comply with the applicable law and order his immediate release, during the process of review of the trial, which was already requested by his attorney, Ms. Rodriguez Cala.

5 August 2013

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