Jorge Olivera Castillo: State Security (DSE) Agent Raul Capote is NOT a Member of the Writers Club

Juan Gonzalez Febles

Jorge Olivera Castillo

Written by Juan Gonzalez Febles

Cuba news, Lawton, Havana:

The recently unmasked infiltrated State Security (DSE) agent, Raul Capote, is not a member of the Writers Club of Cuba.

This was confirmed by former prisoner of conscience, a member of the Group of 75 and a writer and independent journalist Jorge Olivera Castillo who chairs the Club.

The question arose when among the signers of a statement of solidarity with fellow writer Ángel Santiesteban, issued by the Writers’ Club of Cuba, the name “Raul Capote” was slipped in. Olivera said that the name was slipped in as a signatory of the declaration, a product of those who in times past were effectively part of the Club. “We have files, secretaries, or bureaucratic structures that are normal in the abnormal conditions we develop our work,” he concluded.

The Writers Club of Cuba develops its work in the same circumstances as the entire fabric of society, civil opposition and dissidents, present on the island and subjected to the same pressures. Notwithstanding this, their work feels like an active and successful effort in promoting a literary art made with passion, dedication and commitment, but still fails to empower all of its aspiring promoters.

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February 15 2013


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